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History of the Conference

The International Graduate Historical Studies Conference (IGHS) took its present name during the 2012 conference. It evolved out of the Central Michigan University’s Department of History Graduate Conference. The Graduate Conference started in 2008 as an internal conference for the department’s graduate students. Later conferences saw graduate students attending from several other Michigan universities. The growth in interest by attendees from outside of the country prompted the change; the 2012 IGHSC host 14 presenters from foreign universities (representing at least six different nations). In addition, the conference had 21 graduate presenters from CMU, 9 from other Michigan Universities, and 18 from other US institutions. IGHSC 2012 also was the first CMU history conference to invite advanced undergraduates to present; in 2012, five CMU undergraduates delivered at IGHSC. Since 2012, IGHSC has continued to grow, both in size and scope, fully embodying the best practices of excellence in scholarship.

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